Writing A Decent Business Management Definition Essay


A decent business management definition essay should have proper structure, content, logic, and conclusion. One should remember that this is a composition of the description of business management, but it does not mean every part of the essay must only define the meaning. In the first paragraph, the writer should give a broad and well-accepted meaning. Later, he or she should compare various types of meanings and conclude with his or her definition. As one can see that the approach for writing a composition on a broader topic like this requires pyramid approach. A pyramid approach can be defined as progressive writing from broader to a single precise meaning. In this regard, one must pre-plan a proper structure for various paragraphs.

Building the content

Moving ahead, after first paragraph one must give a supporting comparison between the various type of explanation for business and management. Here one must use references to support the source of each explanation. In this paragraph, the reader should be made aware of different definitions and their context. Also, one must introduce the various component of a system. For example, in the field of shipping industry description business and management completely differ from that of a research organization. One should give supporting evidence for the terms and explanation from various fields. It is also the second paragraph where, one can highlight main objective of this article and how it deals with it.

Supporting statements

One must define various components of business management system such as a manager, organization, and the qualities each component have. A suitable reference must support meaning of each component. Students generally do not cite proper reference because they do not read through the references. It is advised that students should cite articles and papers with coherence. Further, each paragraph of the article must be coherent which means should speak common goal. Proper referencing, supporting, argument and examples can help in maintaining coherence in the essay. Depending on the size of composition writer, should adjust the length of definition, example, and supporting arguments.


In the end, we can conclude that a good business management definition composition must have a pyramid approach to the structure, and coherent throughout all paragraphs. In the end, a solid conclusion must be written. End conclusion needs to have the specific demarcation of business management, with respect to the examples and argument in the essay.


“   Every writer, no matter how good he is with his first attempt should proofread his paper.  ”

–  Donna Brians


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