Munich Crisis

Munich crisis was prevalent during the time when Adolph Hitler was the ruler of Nazi Germany. Hitler was hungry for power and conquest over many nations and could do anything to succeed in his venture to gain power. At some time during his rule in March 1938, he forced the Australian Chancellor Schuschnigg to resign and replaced him with his choice and puppet Dr. Arthur. Schuschnigg resigned after Hitler threatened to attack Australia if he never resigned. After Dr. Arthur had taken over Australia, Hitler ordered his troops to Australia to attain a union between Australia and Germany without resistance.

Hitler’s quest for power never stopped at that; he wanted to reclaim young Czechoslovakia. This nation was founded on the defeat of Germany in western countries during the First World War. After Germany had united with Australia, Czechoslovakia found itself sandwiched in Hitler’s territory and that when they knew that Hitler would attempt an attack anytime.

Overview of Munich crisis

Although the Czechoslovakia President Eduard Benes called up his reserve troops after a rumour spread that Hitler’s troops were gathering on the body, he still maintained the call for peace and calm and moderation. He called his reserve in the event where it necessary for him to defend his homeland in the case of an attack. But in some instance Eduard received backing from France, Britain and Russia, who finally begun putting pressure on Nazi Germany. Nazi Germany finally withdrew from its attempt to attack Czechoslovakia arguing that it had no aggressive intentions against the country.

Although Hitler withdrew his troops from the Czechoslovakia border, he and his generals secretly planned on how to attack Czechoslovakia and wipe it out of the map. Hitler resolved to a more tactical way to attack the Czech Republic that other nations would not find his direct involvement in the attack. The Sudetenland a small part Czech Republic at the border that mainly compromised of people with German origin was to be the heart of Hitler’s mastermind. Representatives of Sudetenland in the German parliament were used by Hitler to carry out his plan. The plan was to conduct multiple terrorist attacks on Sudetenland and make it Czech Republic’s fault to oppress the minority German citizens in the Sudetenland.

Involvement of British in Munich crisis

British Prime Minister Chamberlain was actively involved in the crisis to find a lasting peaceful solution to the Munich crisis, but his condition was to intervene and support the Czech Republic if France also supported the Czech Republic.


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