How To Write A Critical Analysis Essay Using A Quality Example

What is a critical analysis essay?

It is an interpretation of a text in the form of a prose, a poem, a film, an article or a painting and justification of that perspective by highlighting facts from the text itself. A critical analysis essay is generally an argumentative one where you have to state your perception and defend it. You might also say that it is presenting the original text in a broader context. You have to support your thesis with quality or quantity evidence. An example can be a hidden meaning of a short story or a recurring symbol in a film which subtly plays a significant role in the plot.

Use of a quality example

In writing a critical analysis essay, the example or the evidence that you use, is the basis of your thesis. Here are a few things to keep in mind while considering the example you want to use:

  • Link to the core plot - Whichever example you think of using in your essay, you need to make sure beforehand that it has a strong connection to the core of the prose or poem or film. If it is a painting, then it should be something connected to the pattern of brushwork or the colors used.
  • Link between the example and the thesis - Your thesis or argument for the essay should be based on your example. The relationship between the two should be straightforward and should not be generic by any means.
  • Analyzing - Once the example you wish to use is set in your mind, you need to be able to analyze it from different angles and present it to the reader in the same manner.
  • Research, reference and citations - You should preferably search in your Institution or University database for evidence supporting your own thesis. Searching online on other credible sources should be a second option. Remember, nothing is original. You need to give other people’s point of view on the same argument to support your cause. The references and citations used in your essay need to be from credible sources, thus the suggestion of using your own institution’s database in.
  • Quoting the author of the text - The best thing that you can use to your advantage and thus get closer to getting a better grade is to use portions of the text that you are analyzing in the essay.


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