White Heroism In Cinema

Hollywood movies are largely made for the white audiences of America. The stories of the Hollywood movies are therefore most of the time fabricated in a manner, the white people will like them, get motivated from them, feel good about themselves in them and in all enjoy them. However, according to the views of some of the cinema critiques, such movies are nothing but old white guilt fantasy. The white immigrants who moved from the European nations to American continent have always been in fear and fantasies of being smarter and superior to the black and brown that hesitate to become part of the white community; where as the white people are generous enough to lend them help the black and brown community.

Most Hollywood movies focus on the culture of the white civilization; which has become the undisputed western civilization. The culture of the black and brown are seldom being portrayed in these cinemas, thus making Hollywood cinemas a kind of racist.

While the Hollywood movies skew for the white people of the America county, they also say the white audiences that they are on the top and the black and brown people are not good enough. It pronounces that the black and brown always need the help of the white people; which is not correct. People of every skin colour are same underneath and no particular race needs to be saviour or so.

The white heroism for the black and brown people in Hollywood cinemas suggests the existence of racial hierarchy in America, which is the burning issue of contemporary Americans. Many critiques have now come forward to note the white heroism for the black and brown in such movies and condemn them tooth and nail.

Movies like Avatar, District 9, The Last Samurai, The Help, The Blind Side, etc. shows the white saviours helping the inferior race. One/some white people in all these movies and other, stand out to be the hero/heroes by protecting the blacks/browns/native people from the white community who conspires to exploit the blacks and browns. Now, it is not wrong that a white man is saving some race; but, that the black and brown people are inferior and weak enough to be helped, is not correct. It shows black and brown people are inferior and innocent group who are backward than the white civilization intellectually, technically, morally and economically.


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