Help Me Write My Essay Properly: Vital Advice

Writing essays is one of the most assigned tasks for students across the world. They start to write papers since early grades. In primary classes, you need to write on simpler subjects like your favorite teacher, your best friends, your favorite activities etc. You only need to write a few sentences about the subject and complete your paper. You do not have to worry about the format and structure at this stage because there are going to be only a few sentences and no paragraphs. Usually the format remains same for all of these assignments. You need to start with an introduction where your topic should be presented in an engaging manner. This is important because your readers might not know what you are trying to represent through your essay. You may or may not include a thesis statement in this paragraph. If you want, the thesis statement should be by the end of the introduction paragraph. After the introduction, you need to create the body of your paper. The number of body paragraphs depends upon your major arguments in the paper. The last paragraph in your paper is the conclusion where you need to summarize your ideas in a few sentences. Remember, not to include any new ideas at this stage and only conclude what you have discussed so far.

Now that the format of your paper is clear, you need to understand other vital steps to complete a winning essay.

  • The topic selection is very vital in your paper because this will decide the foundation for the rest of your research. Once you have a topic, it will be easy to carry out research, collect the data and organize your paper. You need to choose a topic that is unique and interesting. Do not use obsolete and over dragged topics for your paper.
  • Develop your major arguments for the paper. These should be at least three in number
  • The next thing you need to decide is the data that you will include in your paper. For each of your major arguments, you will need supporting evidence to prove it. This data should be relevant, valid, recent and authenticated. You need to have strong evidence so that you can prove your point to the readers.
  • Make sure to follow the complete requirements by your teacher in order to compose a winning paper.


“   Every writer, no matter how good he is with his first attempt should proofread his paper.  ”

–  Donna Brians


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