Body Image In The Media

Many people today are so are obsessed with body shape and size. It is not a thing for models and those people who are in the media any more. Everyone wants to maintain good body shape and size. This has led to increase in the number of people going to the gym so as to achieve and maintain good body shapes. Cases of dieting especially with ladies are not news any more. It is the new trend and every one want to have a perfect body shape. Magazines and shows are filled with adverts of weight reduction adverts. People have gotten exposed to these images so much that we have developed a different and wrong perception. The worst case is with the ladies as they are the ones that are mostly in the display and it brings the wrong perception about the average lady and how she should look like. Many girls will thus strive to attain these shapes on the TV shows and on magazines and forget that we all have got different tastes. The younger girls that do not understand are at a risk to as they may at times do things that may end up hurting their lives.

Real beauty

The media has created a different picture of a perfect body that it is believed to be the real beauty. We however forget that media is only after profit. They will thus go out of the way to make adjustments to the body shape so as to remain in business. In the struggle to attain the body shapes we see we lose the sense of true beauty. We forget the importance of living healthy and want to attain body shapes that are not real. Most of the girls compare themselves with those in the media and are left in denial and dissatisfaction. The real beauty however is not in the girls that we see in the media but in the natural girl that lives a healthy life.

False body image advertising

The best we can do about these body advertisements is to report them to the advertiser. You however realize that just one complaint from a viewer may not bring any change. Viewers should form a body that will protect them from wrong and deceiving adverts. That way a body can fight for the views of the viewers and save our young girls from falling prey of the media.


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