Technology in Schools

In modern day, it’s extremely common for technology to be used in school systems. Many people are against the impersonal approach to expanding learning to children and the youth. With this said, however many people also support the concept and find that technological literary is a very prominent and useful characteristic to have in these changing times. The expansion of technology has not been confined to just one nation or one part, but spans across the entire world from the United States to the corners of Europe.

Facts about technology used in schools:

  1. In a 2013 survey, there was a baffling 91% consensus in administrators of schools that the application of educational technology was critical in the overall achievement of their students.

  2. According to the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), students who use mobile devices to study for their classes spend more time studying and enveloped in their classwork than those who do not.

  3. Many teachers suggest that a technological approach to education enables a student to be more likely to respond to a variation of learning techniques and methods.

  4. It’s not just personal opinion as to whether or not it is a wise step in the educational field; studies actually show that the Apple brand, famous for its iPods and iPads, has actually sold twice as many of the latter for educational purposes.

  5. In a BESA study, over 80% of teachers actually stated that their students have been wildly interested in the use of tablet learning in an educational plan.

While many people fret that this approach to learning and teaching puts a barrier of detachment onto the student and makes the process of learning new things less likely to be permeated, many studies show that there are in fact countless advantages to those who are using technology such as computes, tablets, and iPads in the classroom. While it’s true that there is not necessarily the same type of one-on-one teaching in lessons when there is technology involved, and that the internet and these applications may bring distractions to students, studies show a great success with the application of technology in lesson plans. When a person thinks of technology in the classroom, we are normally confined to imagine the basic objects, such as laptops and computers, tablets, or iPads. However, technology spans to LCD AND DLP projectors as well. Digital whiteboards and other objects are used which bring an interactive aspect to the students as well.


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