How To Make An Explanatory Essay Look Perfect: Editing Hints

One of the most important parts about essay writing is editing. If grammar errors, spelling mistakes or other issues exist within the paper, the reader will be distracted from the quality of the student's ideas. To make the paper really shine, the student must ensure that the entirety of their argument has been thoroughly edited. For the best writing, students should use the following tips.

Take a Few Days Off

When someone writes, they see each sentence the way that they intended to write it. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for the writer to see any of their mistakes in the writing. To truly proofread their writing, the writer must take several days or weeks off. Once they have separated their mind from the essay, the student can return to their writing and actually edit it. With the extra days off, the student will be able to accurately spot their mistakes.

Read It Aloud

Even the best writers have occasional issues with phrasing and grammar. While these errors may seem unnoticeable on the page, they are fairly easy to hear. Students should try reading through their sentences aloud so that they can spot all of their awkward phrasing. In addition, reading it aloud will help the student to slow down enough to actually spot other typos.

Ask a Professor

Professors normally have office hours set up entirely to help their students. During this time, students can visit their professor to get professional help with writing. Since the professor will also be the person grading the paper, this is an excellent way to make sure that the student has produced an A+ paper.

Use Editing Software

There are a number of different software programs available online that can actually help with editing. Although many of them are similar to a basic word program, some of the better software programs will suggest different phrasing or correct grammar usage. After doing a basic spell check, students should put their essay through one of these software programs. In addition, students should use a plagiarism detection program just to make sure that their paper does not appear to be plagiarized.

Get Professional Help

When editing seems like a daunting or impossible task, students can always outsource their proofreading. There are many freelance writers and editors online who can help with correcting a paper. In addition to freelancers, students can also find companies who can do this work. With outside help, the student can ensure that their finished explanatory essay is truly perfect.


“   Every writer, no matter how good he is with his first attempt should proofread his paper.  ”

–  Donna Brians


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