Recycling As A Moral Issue

In the uproar of the environmentally friendly movement and concern over global warming, many people are seeking others to implore the moral and ethical issue behind not recycling their recyclable garbage. In truth, recycling is primarily considered to be an environmental issue but also spans to be an issue of politics and ethics as well. When a person recycles, they are showing an inherent concern and consideration not just for their environment, but for their world overall. To many people, recycling is just as prominent of a moral issue as it is environmental.

Overall, when a person recycles, they are making a sound decision morally. People who recycle are showing a value to their earth, their surroundings, and their society by doing one or two small extra steps when ridding of their garbage. The act of recycling itself not only helps protect the environment and lessen the damage caused to it, but it also reduces the unnecessary use of resources that throwing away garbage uses. Recycling takes less money and cost than regular waste management does and can even help strengthen economies.

So, with all this information given, what exactly could be the harm in recycling? As individuals we not only have a moral obligation to care about our planet, but also an obligation to help lessen the harm in which we commit on it. As a society, we spend enormous amounts of money into facilities and machines to burn our waste, and therefore put a virulent stamp on the world through toxic gases and chemicals. Recycling is a simple and achievable way, albeit a small way, but a way nonetheless in monitoring and lessening the harm that we do to our planet. As citizens we hold a moral obligation in doing so, as our world provides us the ability to live our lives freely and comfortably.

Our world, in modern day, has recognized a noticeable depletion of resources and increasing amount of harm to our environment. While many people heed the warnings and choose to recycle and help in any way that they can, there is still a large and disproportionate gap between those who choose to recycle and those who do not. Not only is recycling a prominent issue, but using recyclable and recycled products is important as well. When doing so, we are ensuring that less goods are used unnecessarily. The mere act of recycling and using recycled goods helps implement a positive change to the world in which we morally owe.


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