Do's And Don'ts Of Writing A Compare And Contrast Essay

With comparative essays and dissertations, there are a few dos and don'ts to consider before continuing and creating their own work. Most of these papers often have their own way of creating documents and building their own thesis statements and questions to be answered. However, there is something to pay attention when avoiding such things.

  • Write a thesis
  • Mention both texts
  • Structure the body
  • Apply quotes
  • Stay away from vagueness
  • Be consistent with structure
  • Don’t write an obvious thesis
  • Don’t force an argument

Do write a thesis statement. It will make somewhat of a directive for the mind and as well as the reader when engaging in something or a different topic that can be approached.

Do create and mention both texts in the comparative within the document being made and don’t forget to include the documents and references, so the grade isn’t cut because they have no reference


Do create somewhat of a structure for the body text and create it from the perspective of being clear and concise with anything that the individual chose. For each text, there is their own time to explain the topics and points that are being made in the argument and with this information do discuss the information as equally as you can.

Do apply quotations from speeches and text that is copied directly. This creates respect for the copywriter as well as protects your own self from plagiarism.

Stay away from vagueness. These pieces of information can often lead to a lot of assumptions and different information being confused for another so being vague doesn’t offer anything to anyone but nothing and creating a concise paper will encourage that there are higher grades and more interesting approaches to the documents.

Be consistent with the structure of the document meaning that you dot mix them up. Keeping yourself in a position that will ultimately prove to the point as a whole will ensure that there is no confusion within your own paper about creating this essay.

When an argument is forced, there is a clear understanding and template that this person has run out of ideas and just wants to be finished and while that could be true for the person, it isn’t responsible for making higher grades within the document.

Don’t write an obvious thesis statement. These statements are to be researched and construed to make something unknown appear. They aren’t to be made without actually doing any research or having an idea of their own.

Depending on the writer, these can all offer some information for their own information and mainly practice creates results.


“   Every writer, no matter how good he is with his first attempt should proofread his paper.  ”

–  Donna Brians


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