Where To Look For A Good Example Of A Five Paragraph Essay

To learn how to do something, you have to see the examples first. So, if you want to write a decent five paragraph essay, it is recommended to find and go through several sample papers of good quality. If you organize your search properly, you’ll be able to find everything you need very easily. How can you systemize your search? First of all you have to make a list of places where to look for examples. Fortunately, this step is already taken in the article.

  1. The library of your college.
  2. Nowadays, many students don’t pay attention at the libraries. Thus, they make a serious mistake because lots of works they may need as examples are stored in libraries. So, go to your college library and search for sample papers in the corresponding section. It’s likely that you’ll find many interesting essays.

  3. Electronic database of your college.
  4. It’s also one of the sources that you can easily approach to. Most of good essays written by students are converted into electronic versions. Needed examples can be found if you go through all archives carefully.

  5. Local newspapers.
  6. Sometimes all you need is to take a local paper and look into the classifieds. Centers which help students write their essays usually leave contact information there. To get decent examples from the center, you just have to visit it and name the approximate topic.

  7. Online sources.
  8. Nowadays, everything you may think of can be found on the Internet. Sample papers aren’t an exception. All you need to do is to open your favorite search engine and type the keywords of your essay topic. The list of numerous sites which offer examples will appear on the screen. Those websites may belong to different categories:

  9. Composition websites.
  10. Many sites are created to help people write their research papers. They are likely to contain different tips and guidelines for you to remember. And usually all the instructions are accompanied by certain examples.

  11. Online libraries and databases.
  12. It would be wise to look for sample papers of five paragraph essays on such websites. Most of them are open to everybody, though some may demand payment to make use of their contents.

  13. Writing services.
  14. Here you can find professional help concerning writing your research paper. It won’t cost you any money to register on such a site and look what it can offer you. Most likely it would be able to provide you with examples, instructions, lecture notes and so on. It’s also possible to get help from the best essay writing service when writing an essay.


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