A List Of Controversial Evaluation Essay Topics For High School

Writing an essay for high school is easy if you pick a simple topic. When you write an evaluation essay you will have to evaluate every property of the subject including its pros and cons. The prospect becomes challenging when you pick a very controversial topic where there is no clear winning point. This kind of controversial topic makes for great writing experience and you will come out more experience at the end of the process. Here are a few controversial topics you can choose from:

  • Abortion, it is ethical or not? Should it be treated as a feticide or a woman’s independent choice.
  • The various ethics of advertising. Is it right for companies to show some of the impossible things they claim in advertise and assume people will understand the impossibility?
  • Should scientist continue to experiment on animals?
  • Death penalty should be banned because it achieves nothing.
  • Should drugs be legalized so that its use can be controlled?
  • Should there be a dress code in schools?
  • Is euthanasia the right thing to do for some patients? Who decides for a comatose patient?
  • Does the press deserve absolute freedom?
  • Does the press maintain complete objectivity when it comes to reporting crimes in first world countries?

These are some of the most controversial topics that you can work on. There are also many such topic which you can find across the internet. While writing on one of these you will have to highlight both the argument and the counter arguments. It is not about reaching a conclusion but exploring both the sides without any prejudice.

Maintain the objectivity

In way it would be better if you avoid any topic that you feel strongly about. You will have more things to say but your stand may cloud the objectivity of the paper and that is something that you do not wish to do. The approach should be neutral throughout the paper only in the conclusion can you express your own opinion or make recommendations based on your writings. But then again it should not come as too strong and driving factor for the essay.

Remember the main aim is to evaluate the cause of the controversy and make the reader form his own opinion. To find more such topics you can also read recent newspapers in your area. That should give you a better insight into the subjects that are raging.


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