Picking Up Good Persuasive Essay Topics For Elementary School

Being a persuasive student during elementary school is not an easy task – in fact, it is quite a handful. Students often experience pressure and tension during this life period. Parents are monitoring their activities on a daily basis and they tend to set high standards for them. In order to succeed, elementary school students are giving their best and trying to impress the teachers in every possible way.

What could be as effective as a brilliant persuasive essay? We could say - not much. Throughout history, a written task has always been used as a teaching tool designed to prove that a child has been studying and developing their abilities. Essays are examples of a student’s complete work efforts that require a combination of research and individual attitude.

In order to help students, we have written a helpful list of advice and persuasive topics.


  • If your assignment needs to be associated with a certain school material, make sure to thoroughly research all possible areas of the given subject that you could write about. Maybe an interesting area can be found and presented – in that case, success is a guarantee. Just relax and keep in mind that nobody is perfect. You probably will not be able to write a spectacular piece about every given subject during your school days.

  • Different cases could be presented by an assignment of the open structure. You have the possibility to choose the topic that you’re interesting in. This is a great opportunity to show your opinion about a certain lifestyle. This sort of work is great for students that are able to improvise on a short notice, while it’s a headache for those who enjoy writing inside a given range.

Persuasive topics that you might like:

  • Heroes of my time
  • This written task could include both celebrities and everyday people from a student’s surroundings.

  • The unforgettable day

  • Although many teachers and students tend to discard this kind of a topic, it’s a great place to analyze some crucial value judgments of a child. If a student describes a day at the lake or a great football match, you have a positive insight of his activities and behavior patterns.

  • I’ve helped someone in a time of trouble
  • In this day and age, providing someone with a helping hand in a time of misery is a remarkable thing. We need to encourage kids to be brave and willing to help others.


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–  Donna Brians


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