Is Teaching A Profession

Even those who teach need to at least learn something new on a day to day basis. So the question remains, “is teaching a profession?’’ If the teacher still needs to learn, then some people may think that there can’t be someone qualified to teach. There is a common assumption that digital technology can enhance education and that the challenge is in the manner of bringing innovative technology together with educational professionals. All the same, there is enough evidence that shows that professionals are still needed to teach. Regardless of the enormous investment on digital technology, there has not been a substantial development in the experiences of learning or in the achievement of education.

There are a lot of barriers associated with the effective establishment of digital technology to improve education. The issues are connected to human interventions more than technological reasons. Today, no amount of development in technology can transform the learning system with the people who are very useful in effecting the change. Therefore, the continuous development of professional teachers will continue to be an important requirement in this age. Teaching has a certain nature and in its wide sense, it is a process that enhances learning. The teaching is a profession that specializes in the use of skills, knowledge and attributes developed to offer specific service to realize the educational necessities of a personal and of the society at large.

To realize the objectives of teaching, then there must be professionals given the mandate of directing the potential of learners. The application of specialized skills is a multifaceted thing. It is not only focused on the acquisition of certain knowledge but also about the manner in which this is done. Training on the ways of putting this in the most holistic approach is therefore inevitable. We can’t do without a teaching profession. We learn from one another and to make this learning perfect, it is important to have people who have knowledge of how to teach others learn new things in an effective manner.

Teaching is definitely a profession as it focuses on the development of guides and values for students in their respective social relationships. Teachers use practices that establish positive self-concept in learners. The work of teachers basically occurs in the setting of a classroom. However, the one on one interaction between students and teachers is the main element in the process of teaching.


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