Effective School Environment

A school environment is a crucial component of student’s life. Schools should provide students with a safe environment in which to nurture and grow emotionally, behaviourally and academically; and at the same developing relationships with others. Each and every student requires structure, respect, stability, limitation and boundaries and safe environment or an environment. In the school environment, there are things that positively influence students’ performance. Such things include having good friends within the school, perceiving that teachers are caring and supportive, believing that discipline is efficient and fair, participating in extracurricular activities, being a part of a school and having a sense of belonging. Students become incorporated in their environment when they perceive that the adults in the school mind about them as individuals and their learning.

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Role of effective school environment

Students who perceive to be connected to their school environment are less likely to be involved in risky health behaviours such as drug use, early sex, violence, cigarette smoking, suicidal attempts and thoughts and do better academically. An escalating connection between the students and their environment reduces fighting, bullying, vandalism, and absenteeism while enhancing education motivation, academic performance, completion rates and school attendance. Students are more prone to prosper when they feel a connection to the school. Students who view their school administration and teachers as creating a well-structured learning environment in which expectations are high, fair, caring and clear are more likely to be linked to the school and succeed.

Ways to develop an effective school environment

Regardless of other circumstances, an effective school environment could have a positive impact on the achievements of students. There are several ways to develop an effective school environment. Firstly, create an organised and safe place. An effective school environment must first be a place where students can perceive themselves as emotionally and physically safe. It has to be a supportive community where teachers and kids from all backgrounds can exclusively focus on learning. To attain safe environment where students are free to reach their potential academically, schools have to concentrate on hindering misbehaviour through the implementation of school-wide positive behaviour intervention. These interventions must stress emotional learning and social skills to educate students on cultural understanding and conflict resolution.

Secondly, the school should have a relatable leader. In an efficient school environment, the principle should be a leader of leaders. The principal should not only be an authority figure but also be a partner, cheerleader and coach. Also, the principal should also realise that he or she must not operate in a top-down authority structure but realise that the best and appropriate solutions arises from a collaborative effort.


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