How To Recognize A Skilled Essay Writer: 6 Tips To Remember

An essay writer is like an author who plays with words backed by logic and imagination to get his message across. They are different from a novel writer since he cannot create utopian scenarios. They can have different skills such as editing, compiling, research, etc. These skills need to be measured to know the best in the industry. An essay writer is usually hired by a student or a professional to put their ideas or research on paper in an organized manner and to avoid any kind of errors which might lead to change in their meaning.

Few tips to recognize the skills are:

  1. Ratings on various forums- professional writers are registered on forums where they are given ratings on the basis of their typing speed, punctuality, cost, etc. The ratings on these forums are usually not fudged and provide a good platform to compare writers.

  2. Past examples- one of the best way to review a writer is to read their past completed essays and get an idea of their writing style. Though the ratings from forum act as a barometer to measure their skills but the style of writing is unique to every writer hence it is not considered as a variable. The past examples will also indicate his writing experience.

  3. Sampling/getting a sample of a random topic- A writer can be also be assessed by getting a sample written. For example, if one wants an essay on pollution in USA, then a sample topic can be “the burden of cars in USA”. This can give a fair idea of the thinking pattern and the writing style of the author.

  4. Experience in the required filed- it is advisable to hire a writer who has already had experience in authoring essays in the required field. This would ensure that the author has enough information of the industry and the demand of the industry in terms of content.

  5. Availability- If the writer is available on most of the days then it is safe to give him work. These writers are usually freelancers and have other job as well hence, Availability has to be taken care of.

  6. Recommendation/ testimonials- A review is shared by the past clients of the writer which should hold some weightage while finalizing the writer. These testimonials gives a quick review of how professional is the writer. The testimonials can be found on the website of the writer or in his work portfolio.


“   Every writer, no matter how good he is with his first attempt should proofread his paper.  ”

–  Donna Brians


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