Why Contraception Is Wrong

The issue of contraception has been widely discussed. A consensus has however not been arrived at and some people still consider contraceptive as a safe way of birth control while others have dismissed it. Contraception has many ways and is flexible allowing for some procedures to be done on men while others are done on women. The main reasons as to why it is under debate are because the Catholic Church has come out to strongly oppose the use of contraceptives. The other reason is that it has harmful side effects on some people. One thing that all these parties agree about is that birth control is necessary and it’s a thing that needs to be addressed so as to save many countries from unforeseen danger of straining its resources.

The Church and Contraceptives

The church offers many teachings that revolve around the family. It talks of the importance of having a spouse and the importance of conjugal rights that is associated with the act of reproduction as commanded to fill the earth. The church, however, leaves the choice of family size that one wants in their hands. One has many things to look into before deciding the size of family you want and how well you can take care of it. It however goes further to teach that it is not right for one to practice the unnatural ways of birth control whether for temporary or permanent basis. The stand of the church is that unnatural birth control methods are not in line with the teachings about recreation.

Effects of Contraceptives

There are many birth control methods that are available today. You can thus make a choice on the best control method that suits you and your partner. Most contraceptives have side effects. People have had temporary birth control carried out on them only for the procedure to go wrong and be a permanent problem. You should choose a qualified physician to tell you the correct method that you should use for birth control. Always make sure that you tell your doctor about your medical history in depth so that they can be able to advise you on the type of birth control to use. The effects that are highly associated with oral contraceptives are breast cancer, high blood pressure, heart diseases and skin cancer. All birth controls work differently on different people. You should therefore make sure that you get the correct advice to save yourself from unforeseen problems.


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