Maximilien Robespierre

Maximilien Robespierre was born in 1758 to his advocate father in Arras. He had three siblings and they were all brought up by different relatives after their father was unable to take care of them. Their father lost his wife in 1767 during child birth and this drastically changed things. Maximilien Robespierre was lucky to attend college of Law and in 1781 he was registered as an advocate having completed his course. He started his legal practice in his home town Arras. During this time he was dedicated to educating the locals and he became so popular. His career was successful and in the 1789 during the eve of the French Revolution, he was given the post of the deputy of Artois commonly referred to as Third Estate. He performed his duties with diligent and earnest and he attracted a lot of attention.

Jacobin Club

As Robespierre grew up, he became a real fanatic of the social theories and things affecting the people. He and other young likeminded men deemed as the friends other society and the constitution formed a club known as the Jacobin Club. In April 1790 he became the president of the club. This made him more popular and he was viewed as an enemy to the monarchy. He and his young associates were constant advocates of democratic reforms. In September 1791 the Constitute Assembly was dissolved. This left Maximilien Robespierre and another one deputy as the only recognized figures that had as stand for the reforms. They were thus labeled the incorruptible patriots. The two were left as the leaders to the group that was radical and was in support for the roaming war with Austria. A new Legislative Assembly was formed and it did not support the war.

Maximilien Robespierre Accused of Tyranny

1794 was not a good year for the Jacobin Club members. It leader was accused of tyranny. He was put under house arrest and with other several supporters. He was not allowed to address the National Convention. They were rescued and taken to a safe hotel. It was latter ordered that Robespirre be recaptured. In the attempt, he was shot at the lower jaw. Maximilien Robespierre and eighteen others were executed on the 28th July 1794. Other eight followers were arrested the following day and executed to. With the death of these followers who were deemed the most radical, the Revolution started dying slowly.


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