Construction Industry In USA

Construction is termed as an industry that has high hazard risk and is comprised of a lot of activities that include construction, repair and alteration. For instance, construction industries include bridge erection, excavations, painting jobs that are carried out in large-scale, demolitions, and roadway paving among others. Due to this wide range of activities the construction workers are highly exposed to serious hazards such as asbestos, being struck and injured by heavy construction equipment’s and electrocutions. However construction workers and employers are highly encouraged to use web pages designed by Construction industry that provides tools, information and resources which help in identification, reduction and elimination of hazards which are construction-related. United States Worldwide is the second largest construction market and has a market share ranging from ten percent. New York tops the list of construction expenditure in United States while Bechtel currently is the largest construction firm based in United States.

Benefits of US Construction Industry

An example of U.S construction industry is the Keystone XL and in relation to other construction sites these are some of the ways on how it benefits the United States; Stimulating United States economy, creating jobs and building modern infrastructure: This pipeline is a representative exceeding 5billion dollars investment of private sector in a state of energy that is aimed to create approximately 9000 employment opportunities, improve transportation of energy by making it efficient, reliable and safe. Improvement of counties infrastructure through revenue collected from taxes paid by TransCanada; these taxes enables counties to afford improving infrastructure that includes roads, bridges and schools. Supporting manufacturing in United States by lowering energy prices which is an added advantage to everyone due to the good and services they consume in U.S especially the manufacturers since they are the one who are directly connected to the work of manufacturing raw materials into consumable goods and services.

Environmental effects caused by TransCanada construction industry.

According to a conclusion made by the State Department after its final assessment they said that it was unlikely to make alterations of the global greenhouse emission of gases though they said that options were still weighed to see if the pipeline will meet President’s Obama broader climate strategy. Furthermore, this report suggested that more greenhouse gases will be emitted if the Canadian oil sands for the pipeline were tapped and by having the project blocked this will not lead to prevention of development of those resources.

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