Globalization In The United States

Globalization is the tendency and the process of businesses, philosophies, and technologies to spread in all parts of the world. The resulting economy has an interconnected market place, where time zones and boundaries do not pose barriers to trade. Today, many companies in United States have championed the globalization course. A good example is the McDonalds, which is the world largest hamburger fast food restaurant. It has over 35,000 outlets across the globe, and has reaped huge profits out of the venture. Evidently, globalization has impacted United States and American citizens in a positive and in a negative way.

To start with, the influence of America has been spread around the world. Because of the markets that have opened up in other countries, which in effect has led to the rise of multinational corporations, Americans call sell their products easily and influence other nations as well. In many nations, the American culture, values, and ideologies have been adopted due to the establishment of the multinational corporations.

Secondly, globalization has made it possible for America to remain economically stable. More markets have opened up and it is now easier for the nation to sell their products than in the past. On the other hand, it is easy for the American citizens to buy cheaper products, thus increasing the welfare of the citizenry.

Thirdly, it has become possible and easy for nations to communicate. Specially, it has increased the real-time communication capacities for the international organizations. This leads to efficiencies and further encourages expansion within organizations. Further still, Americans have been able to communicate with their allies and enemies in the peace making efforts.

On the negative side, globalization has rendered many American citizens jobless. More than ever before, the Americans have had to compete with foreigners in the job market. The disadvantage is that the foreigners are willing to work for more hours yet receiving less compensation. Particularly, organizations opt to outsource their labor to third world countries as opposed to hiring the expensive personnel from America. Thus, unemployment levels have been on the rise in the last few decades.

Further, Americans has to deal with the increasing trade deficits due to globalization. There are more imports from nations such as China. Yet, American as a nation has not increased its exports significantly. To remain as powerful as the nation has been, Americans have to find a way of dealing with the deficits. Accordingly, though globalization has enhanced peace and led to economic growth and development of America, it also ahs negative impacts such as increasing the rate of unemployment and trade deficits.


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