Recommendations On How To Compose An Explanatory Essay On Capital Punishment

Hot topics are ones that people have a strong interest in and can be easily argued. It is important that emotion does not guide the paper, but instead that facts are the foundation. If you are assigned an explanatory essay on capital punishment, then follow our handy to use guide.

Steps to Follow

  • Put your emotions on the shelf-you can not build a paper on nothing but emotions, so put the emotions away while you do the preliminary work and write the paper.
  • Complete the outline-compose a detailed outline. Do not be afraid to correct or change any weak or ineffective parts of the outline.
  • Compose the hook-the paper will need a strong attention getter. This topic has been written about many times, so dig very deep to come up with an innovative and magnetic hook.
  • Compose the thesis statement for the paper-this is very important. The thesis statement will be the guide for the entire paper. Do not be afraid to modify it if necessary.
  • Look for ideas and support-now it is time to search the databases and to go to the media center. If you can find local experts on the subject, see if you can arrange an interview with them. This will solidify the paper and impress your teacher greatly.
  • Compose the introductory paragraph-put the thesis statement, hook, and background materials together to make up the introductory paragraph.
  • Work on the body paragraphs-now you are ready to write the body paragraphs. You will want to make sure that all of your ideas have lots of support and foundation.
  • Select your transitions carefully-you paper will need transitions. These words and phrases will link sentences and paragraphs together smoothly.
  • Work on the conclusion-you want to close the paper strongly. The conclusion will have a restatement of the thesis sentence and it will have a universal statement. The close needs to be tight and solid.
  • Revise –once you finish the paper, you will then you need to set it down for a while. After a few days pick it back up. You will be ready to revise and to proof in order to polish the paper to perfection. This corrected paper will be your final draft.

As you write your explanatory essay on capital punishment, use this guide as a checklist for obtaining an A+ on your essay.


“   Every writer, no matter how good he is with his first attempt should proofread his paper.  ”

–  Donna Brians


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