How To Write A Good Topic Sentence For An Essay: Tips And Ideas

Essays have been an integral part of educations and remain conscientious embedded in the minds of people even years after studies. The vital strength of essays comes in form of the way it encapsulates ideas and summarizes them in a curious way.

Reader’s interest

Reader’s interest has to be aroused and this is generally done in the first paragraph itself; referred to as head of the essay. There inevitably is a line which defines the piece and sets the tone for a wonderful reading experience.

Path-breaking sentence

The dominant path-breaking sentence is also termed topic sentence. Many writers use it on the very first line of the essay to create a sort of sensation or potency. There is a way you write the sentence however.

Methodical use

Good writers use the line methodically; mentioning the relevant keyword in the topic sentence. If the essay is about Govt. policies, pregnancy or the rise of terrorism, the topic sentence mentions it in a credible and lucid manner in phrase form. The rest of the sentence defines the keyword or at least lends credence to it.

Poignancy of the topic

You should first understand the vitality and poignant point of the topic and then conjure a keyword or key phrase out of it. Place that in the topic sentence. The whole idea would be defeated if you comprehend the topic wrongly or misconstrue its essence.

5 ideas

Let’s give you five potent ideas to make the meaning of topic sentences more clear –

  1. Medical negligence is a disturbing error which needs to be curbed
  2. The key phrase here is medical negligence. Herein, you start the readers with an idea that the essay is going to place you with ideas about curbing medical negligence.

  3. Today’s women need to be treated with respect and dignity
  4. Here, the sentence clearly suggests that the article is about women’s equality and power.

  5. Corporal punishment has no place in today’s world
  6. Corporal punishment is the key phrase here and the suggestion is clear; it needs to be banned.

  7. Cell phones are causing more harm than help to the new age generation
  8. Here, cell phones are the subject matter and the message is lucid; impact of cell phones has to be regulated, especially in the hands of adolescents.

  9. Present-day movies are tilting extensively towards sex and violence
  10. Sex and violence is the key phrase here and the impression is about the impact of these two attributes.


“   Every writer, no matter how good he is with his first attempt should proofread his paper.  ”

–  Donna Brians


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