15 Hot Essay Topics On Computers – Ideas For High School Students

Writing an essay is a difficult task, especially if you don’t know what to start with. Choosing a good and interesting topic is what you need first. However, if you have no idea, what to write about, the essay topics below might be of use to you. Pick the one you are interested in and want to know more about.

  1. Artificial Intelligence – advantages and disadvantages.
  2. Express your attitude to such thing as Artificial Intelligence.

  3. Innovations in the computer world.
  4. List the most interesting computer innovations (software, hardware) which will make our life better.

  5. The Internet: how it changes our life.
  6. Describe how the Internet changes our everyday life and human life in general. Is it a necessity or an idle pastime? Give your reasons.

  7. Attention: danger in the Internet.
  8. It’s not a secret that the Internet is not as good and useful as you might think. What dangers can you face in the Internet? How can you protect yourself from them?

  9. A day without computers: what might happen to the world?
  10. Our reliance on computer technology rapidly increases. Imagine and describe, what might happen to the world if one day all the computers stop.

  11. Virtual teachers vs real teachers.
  12. Think what teachers are better: virtual or real. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both.

  13. Computers in education.
  14. How did computers change the process of education? Is that good or bad? Give your reasons.

  15. The use and damage of computers.
  16. Point out pros and cons of computers; make a conclusion, whether they do us good or harm.

  17. The history of Google.
  18. Investigate the history of the most popular search engine. Give some interesting facts.

  19. The future of e-mail technology.
  20. Is e-mail technology today as popular as it used to be 10 years ago? Think whether people will use e-mail in 10 years.

  21. The future of computers.
  22. What will computers be like in the future? Will the use of computers increase or be reduced? Give your reasons.

  23. The history of computers and the evolution of computer hardware.
  24. Make a research and describe the evolution of computers from the very beginning up to nowadays.

  25. Do computers slow down our brains?
  26. Agree or disagree with the statement; give your reasons.

  27. Why youth prefer computer games more than real communication and sport outdoors.
  28. Point out the reasons; offer a solution.

  29. Social networks: simple communication or addiction?
  30. Are social networks just a convenient way of communication or a dangerous entertainment killing time and causing addiction? Express your attitude; make a conclusion.


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