The Best Expository Essay Topics: 25 Ideas To Trigger Your Imagination

Expository essays are assigned nearly as regularly as persuasive essays. The purpose of this type of essay is to explain a subject, but it should be done with some imagination. Choosing a topic is practically as challenging as writing the paper itself. The best essays will tell what “it” is, what causes it, how can it be done well, and why does it matter. If you need a general topic for an essay, writing about your school is a good place to start looking. You can have fun writing about things that you experience on a daily basis. Here are 25 topics to help you get started on your quest to complete the best expository essay:

  1. What is the most unusual class at your school?

  2. Explain the history of your school’s mascot.

  3. Visit the trophy case at your school. Pick one and write about the history of it.

  4. How do you join a group at your school?

  5. How do you succeed at school when you are active in busy after school activities?

  6. What is the best food to eat at school and why?

  7. What is the best way to make your freshman year successful?

  8. Talk to your teachers and find out how school has changed through the years.

  9. Explain the free resources available for students who need financial or psychological assistance.

  10. How do students prepare for fun after school events, like dances or football games?

  11. Why do students choose to attend the lesser known sporting events?

  12. Give your best advice on preparing for final exams.

  13. What makes someone a good classmate?

  14. What does a student need to do to win an election at your school?

  15. What should a student do to earn scholarships for college?

  16. What do students need to do to pick their classes at your school?
  17. What should students do when they need to talk to their teachers about a problem?

  18. What can students do to be sure they do not date the wrong person?

  19. What are the benefits of using cellphones in classrooms?

  20. What are some things that teachers can do to help student succeed?

  21. What technology is the most useful to students at your school?

  22. What behaviors should students avoid to be successful at school?

  23. What are some of the best reasons to NOT skip school?

  24. How do people relax at your school?

  25. What is the best way to get to and from school?


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–  Donna Brians


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