Modern Entertainment And Leisure Time

Looking back just a few decades one notices that things have changed dramatically. Clothing styles have entered left and returned to fashion-ability. Countries have risen to prominence and dominance on the world stage after a period of ignominy. Perhaps the most visible change is in how we spend our leisure time and this essay hope to explore some of the main reasons for that.

Smart technology and social media

Phones have more processing power than the early computers which were used to launch rockets. With easy access to this amount of power, we find ourselves much more able to be entertained in dull moments. Waiting in line no longer has to try our patience. We can immediately connect with our friends and loved ones miles away no matter how far we are from the front of the line. We are able to make our surroundings fade into the background. The cultivation of the perfect social media profile is a large part of this and some people have been known to spend hours out of every day trying to appear as happy and carefree as they would like to be.


Children of the seventies and eighties have a very different concept of what the word game means. Some of them remember playing outdoors with friends or even the low tech board games that peaked in popularity before they reached adulthood. The video game industry only truly became influential in the late eighties to early nineties and it has only continued to grow. There are apps that earn more for their creators than some small countries gross in a single year. This becomes a very lucrative business for countries to get their citizens engaged in and there are almost no barriers to entry.


This is similar to social media except that people who use it have the main intention of meeting others for romantic purposes. People post profiles and make requests and try to meet others for different types of relationships. This helps them to get closer to people even if they have busy schedules and do not have time to get out and socialize.

Having fun has evolved. People can meet without being in the same country and play games together even though they are miles apart. As much as we gain from this connectivity, we have also lost some of our ability to sit quietly and daydream without the help of technology.


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