A List Of Hot Topics For A Problem Solution Essay

Problem solution essays are unique in that they propose remedies to a particular societal concern. They are useful in the education system because they create solution minded scholars and graduates. Writing such a paper might appear easy to some but not all. Here are ten suggestions on topics for problem solution essays.

  1. Escalation in alcoholism among teenagers
  2. Practical and domestic solutions to the problem of global warming
  3. How to tame the increasing cases of child abduction
  4. How to safely avoid cases of kidnapping for the purpose of a ransom
  5. Practical, healthy and fun solutions to obesity
  6. How to create a world free of terrorism
  7. Managing population expansion and development
  8. Eliminating cigarette smoking among asthma patients
  9. Practical sustainable development
  10. Using technology to boost employment figures

Problem solution essays are easy to write when you have the right topic. It is a great motivation if you are writing on an area you are passionate about. This brings about creativity and motivates you to explore all possible solutions during research. A problem solution essay requires extensive study and understanding of the area you are covering. Literature review is also necessary to ensure that the solutions you are providing have not been implemented and failed.

To write a compelling problem solution essay, consider the following:-

  • Pick the right topic- the greatest motivation for a writer is the topic at hand. Pick an interesting area which is of real concern and where research materials are available. There are many areas where the world is still looking for practical solutions. Your areas of choice should affect the masses and therefore be of concern.
  • Narrow the theme- there should be limits to your academic work. Do not address all problems in a particular area or go overboard in your research. You are likely to lose the reader and not provide practical solutions. Narrow your area of study to make it meaningful.
  • Create a working outline- problem solution essays have two parts. Create a plan on how to tackle the problem and how to provide a solution. It should show a systematic approach with genesis on the problem and leading people towards the solution.
  • Provide reasonable solutions- most problems have persisted because of half baked solutions. When proposing a solution, make it practical and long term. Your solution should not create another problem by purporting to solve the current one. Creativity will lead you towards a practical solution.


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