33 Renaissance Essay Topics: Great Suggestions From An Expert

The Renaissance is the time from the 14th to 17th Century. During these centuries civilizations saw an exit from the Middle Ages and the entrance into Modern times. It is believed that this Renaissance began in Florence, Italy—spurred by social and political atmosphere at the time. Some major areas we have saw advancement during this time were within the fields of Art, Science, Music, Religion, and more. We have put together 33 great essay topics from Renaissance experts. Explore these topics for your next essay of this type.


During this time we saw immense changes to art. Not only the type of art supplies that are used, but also the techniques we use, the science behind it, and the overall approach. Select one of the many areas within art to research.

  1. Realistic Linear Perspective
  2. Realism in Art
  3. Study of Light
  4. Human Anatomy Knowledge
  5. Use of Oil and Canvas
  6. Architecture in Art
  7. Columns & Arches

  8. Science

    With major advancements during this time we disprove many obsolete thinking and establish many scientific facts. Explore these exciting findings of this time.

  9. Propagation of Ideas
  10. Observational Drawings Uses
  11. Botany
  12. Dissection for Study
  13. Development of Scientific Method
  14. Astronomy Findings
  15. Understanding of Physics

  16. Music

    Music has evolved over time. Major changes toward universalizing music around the world were made in this time.

  17. Establishing Musical Language
  18. Baroque
  19. Rise of Bourgeois
  20. Implementing the Gutenberg Press
  21. Rebirth of Opera
  22. Secular Music
  23. Vocal Vs. Instrumental

  24. Religion

    With church reform religion saw many transformation during this time. Political turmoil and religious influences play a role in the religious developments of this era.

  25. Conciliarism
  26. Nepotism
  27. Church Reform
  28. Sack of Rome
  29. Manuscripts
  30. Relationship with God

  31. Other

    What else can we explore about the Renaissance? The name says it all; this was a time of revival and change. Explore all these new and interesting advancements.

  32. Self Awareness
  33. The Gutenberg Press
  34. Religious Upheaval
  35. The Plague
  36. Spread of Renaissance
  37. Geography of Movement

Exploring these major areas of study, we have outlined some great topics for you. One may seem just right—or maybe one of our topics has spurred your own unique idea! Either way, as long as you are using a creative topic with plenty of available support, you will have success writing your Renaissance essay!


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